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Company History

Company History

Founded in 2001, ESW America™ is a leading independent engine and vehicle testing company based in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. Our state-of-the-art engine and vehicle testing facility is equipped to perform a wide variety of EPA, CARB and EU compliant engine and vehicle test services. Our facility is staffed by an experienced team of highly skilled test engineers, technicians and fabricators with a combined total of over 70 years of experience.  ESW America is equipped to perform on-board diagnostics (OBD) testing, Manufacturer Self-Test (MST) services, durability testing, performance testing and fuel economy testing, and emissions certification testing for a wide variety of engines and vehicles.

Our parent company, ESW Group®, was founded in 1998 as a research and development company focused on heavy duty diesel emissions control devices. In 2015, ESW launched the Skyline® Emissions subsidiary, which designs and manufactures high quality, OEM-equivalent aftermarket DOCs and DPFs.

In 2001, ESW Group acquired the assets and proprietary technologies of an emissions testing and catalyst development company in Pennsylvania that included an engine testing laboratory. Initially it was used to test, validate, and generate CARB verification test data for ESW retrofit systems. Over time, the facility grew and attracted a variety of customers in need of emissions testing.

In 2013 ESW America acquired a heavy duty chassis dynamometer to complement its transient heavy-duty engine dynamometer test cells. Since its commissioning, the chassis dynamometer has been used to test a variety of different vehicles ranging from passenger cars to full-size pickup trucks to dual-driven axle line haul tractors with 80,000 pounds of simulated GVW.

In the past few years, ESWA has made significant investments in its hardware. Staff capabilities have also been upgraded to include OBD-related demonstration and certification testing for OEM customers, including their manufacturer’s self-test (MST) programs.  

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