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Our Team

Our team of highly skilled test engineers, technicians, and fabricators has a combined total of over 70 years of experience. The staff at ESW America specializes in emissions certification testing (for EPA,CARB and EU), durability testing, performance testing, and fuel economy testing for a wide variety of engines and vehicles. In conjunction with industry experts in the field of OBD, we carry out complete OBD demonstration and Manufacturer Self-Test programs.


The ESW America technical staff includes

  • Michael Streichsbier - Chief Technical Officer

  • Irakli Muzashvili - Project Manager

  • Chris Rowe - Operations Manager

  • Nick Cerruti - Engineer

  • Edgar Eason - Emissions Engineer

  • Stephen Kovacic - Emissions Engineer

  • Matthew Marshall - Emissions Engineer

  • Soheil Noorani - Emissions Engineer

  • Nick Fox - Lead Technician, Engineer

  • Hugh Grannum - Senior Dyno Technician, Operator

  • Bruce Mitchell - Dyno Technician / Operator

  • Andro Muzashvili - Dyno Technician / Operator

  • Jack Breithaupt  - Dyno Technician / Driver

Since we are a subsidiary of a heavy-duty diesel exhaust retrofit and aftermarket emission control parts manufacturer, we are in the unique position to provide additional services for emission control projects that include custom fabrication, catalyst sourcing, and accelerated aging.

The ESW America team consists of experts in

Based on our experience and qualifications, we work with many leading engine and vehicle manufacturers as well as with retrofit, dual-fuel, and hybrid drive companies. Our team prides itself in offering this broad skill-set and flexibility to accommodate the needs of our clients.

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