Motorcycle / ATV Testing

Chassis Dynamometer

  • Custom extended roll for wider wheel base vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs (up to 75″ wheel-to-wheel)

  • Mustang AC-40-ATV chassis dynamometer, 20" diameter single roll

  • 40 HP AC dyno simulate a wide range of Road Load Power (RLP) including Class I, II, III up to 160 km/hr or 100 miles/hr

  • Controlled test cell ambient, variable-speed vehicle cooling fan
  • Quick engine set-up and switch system minimizes time and cost

Test Cycles

  • EPA 3 Bag FTP test on UDDS cycle

  • European WMTC test cycle

  • EPA 11-lap durability cycle

  • Fuel economy testing

  • Custom test cycles for R&D testing

Emission Capabilities

  • Test cell specifically designed for motorcycle and ATV testing

  • Testing applicable to 40 CFR Pt. 86 SubPt. E & F, Pt. 1051, EU 2002/51/EC regulations

  • EPA, CARB and EU recognized facility for performing emissions verification test protocols
  • Accommodates a wide range of motorcycles / ATV classes with various road load power

  • Integrated test system with flexibility to run any test cycle

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