Vehicle Testing 

Heavy- and Medium-Duty

Chassis Dynamometer

  • R&D, OBD, and certification testing up to 575 hp

  • Simulated weight up to 80,000 lb

  • Standard or custom test cycles available

  • Diesel, gasoline, CNG, and dual fuel capabilities


Chassis Dynamometer

  • Engine calibration, certification and development

  • Maximum speed 8,000 rpm

  • 10″ CVS dilution tunnels

  • Horiba emissions bench / bag sampling

  • CFR compliant (part 89 and 90)

Emission Capabilities

  • Full flow CVS & partial flow system

  • Gaseous emissions (Horiba MEXA 7200): NOx, NO2, NO, THC, CH4, CO, CO2

  • NH3 measurement using MKS FTIR

  • Celeco smoke meter

  • Double dilution gravimetric PM, Horiba MDLT partial flow PM

  • PM elemental and organic carbon (EC:OC) speciation

  • Wet/dry chemical lab capabilities

  • Other capabilities upon request: raw emissions measurement, urea storage and distribution, PM sulfate and nitrate analysis

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